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See our Conferences page for information about the 46th Annual Meeting of the WSFH in Portland, ME from 1-3 November 2018. #wsfh18

SFHS/WSFH Research Travel Award

The SFHS and WSFH are pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Research Travel Award designed to support research outside of North American by an outstanding American or Canadian scholar on the history of France.  This year’s recipient is Miranda Sachs (Ph.D. Yale, 2017) for her manuscript-in-progress Child’s Work: Welfare, Family, and Work in Third Republic France. Sachs’ investigation of the relationship between childhood and work from 1871 to 1940 seeks to understand enduring class- and gender-based inequalities in the Third Republic’s treatment of children. Whereas the regime delineated childhood as a distinct stage of life, it also maintained inequalities by laying out what Sachs calls “a specific path to maturity for working-class children.” Bringing together multiple historical actors (government reformers, clerics, employers, and also children) and social domains (law and justice, schooling, labor, leisure, religious patronage, medicine), this work promises to provide a wide-ranging social and political history of evolving “ideologies of childhood.” Congratulations, Miranda!



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