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Proceedings Volume 40 Now Online

Volume 40 (2012) has now been published online. Click over to the Proceedings page to view this and earlier issues.

Call for Submissions: 2015 Prizes

Submissions for the Edward T. Gargan Prize, Ronald S. Love Prize, and Millstone Prize will be accepted until January 30, 2015. All papers given at the San Antonio meeting are eligible. Click over to "Prizes and Grants" for more information, and note that submissions for the Millstone Fellowship will be accepted until 15 March 2015.

Congratulations to new officers and council members

President: Carolyn Eichner. Vice-President: Nina Kushner. Co-Editors of the Proceedings: Bethany Keenan, Julia Osman, Sarah Shurts. Council Members: Andrew Daily, Katherine Dunlop, Rebecca Jacobs-Pollez, Julia Landweber, Judith Miller, Stephen Miller, Ronen Steinberg, Laura Talamante, Robert Weiner.